A Summer Ready Home

Who says redecorating your home needs to be expensive? With summer just around the corner it may be time to freshen up your space without whittling away your wallet. Here are some simple tips to easily transition into sizzling seasonal décor.

Let there be light. Skipping window coverings in public spaces is one way to make a home feel bright and breezy. If you have gorgeous sunlight, why cover it up? Natural rays will automatically give your setting a summer-time feel. Plus, with all of this Colorado rain there is sure to be some of the lushest landscapes we have seen in decades. Use windows as a frame for Mother Nature’s gorgeous portrait.

Spring clean, again. Want your living quarters to feel like an absolute oasis? Ditch the clutter and unneeded furnishings. When transforming a space into a warm weather retreat, think of examples that ooze serenity such as sunny white spaces.

Color that canvas. Now that you have minimized the unused elements of your home it is time to do one of our favorite things: shop! You can purchase (inexpensive) vibrant textiles that reflect your personal tastes and the liveliness of the season. Adding overstated floral patterns and bold color palates to fabrics is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and this simple switch will make a huge difference. Your living room will be begging you to host a party.

Incorporate even more color. Continue to make simple swaps throughout your living areas. Add tropical hues to your table scape by integrating funky glassware. Seriously, using colored glass on a daily basis will instantly make your dining room feel like a vacation destination. Why leave all of the fun for the Caribbean? You too can spice up a simple beverage and table setting with the addition of one- of-a-kind glass. (Clink) Cheers to that!

Look good and smell good. Now that everything is visually fresh, make sure the fragrance reflects it, too. Adding a few summery scented candles or fresh cut flowers can improve the overall outcome of all your hard work. Invite all your senses to enjoy the seasonal renovation of your home.

Summer, unlike any other season, brings an awakening of new life and the excuse for relaxation. Utilize your home as a haven for tranquility and a gathering place for friends.

This article was previously published on Dandizette.com. 

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