Best Colorado Margaritas

When it comes to cocktails, the margarita is at the top for me. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day (or a cold winters night, let’s get real), than tequila salt and lime juice. Luckily, we have many establishments that know how to salt their rim and pour their booze just right. I have rounded up my favorites so you will know where to get the best of the best.

1. Bar Taco – This taco shop on the West end of Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO is the prime place to get a solid marg. They also do #margaritamarch and have a different flavored margs each week. I have tried them all, and I must to say, I approve!

2. Adelita’s – This Broadway spot lends a festive atmosphere to relax and drink a cold one. They have different flavored margaritas as well which are always changing. They are tart and have the perfect amount of tequila in them. They also own a mezcal bar right around the corner with a killer patio. You really can’t go wrong here.

3. Dos Santos – Speaking of patios, one of my favorite outdoor spots is right off 17th in Uptown at Dos Santos. Another amazing taco place where I could eat my weight in tacos! But they also have phenomenal margs that are perfectly salted and bring a cool breeze to a hot day. So refreshing.

4. Las Delicious – This joint remodeled their uptown location a couple of years ago and offers a lovely rooftop patio to patrons. Enjoy their margs at your next patio party to get the summer started off right!

5. Lena – Hopping back to Broadway. This spicy marg has a bite and will leave you wanting a second. The freshly squeezed limes, tequila, salt, and sliced jalapeno is the perfect combo. They open at 4pm so you can enjoy this one in the evening.

6. Kachina Cantina – Although there is so much to see in the Denver Milk Market, I tend to flock right to this joint for tasty chorizo queso and a spicy marg. The extra kick gets me going, and the chili rim completes me. You can always count on this marg to heat things up.

7. Los Dos Potrillos – With several locations all around Denver, there is ample opportunity to get your drink on. This Mexican food favorite has amazing margs, from frozen and fruity to double the trouble. I prefer the latter.

8. Que Bueno Suerte – This is easily one of my favorite patios in Denver. Located right in the center of Pearl St. in Platte Park, this restaurant just makes you feel special. Not only do they take serious pride in providing an amazing meal for you, but they are pretty serious about their drinks… hence this sexy nitrogen-infused margarita.

9. Lola Coastal Mexican – You can really find any margarita to suit your tequila loving needs here. My favorite is the Smoke & Mirrors which contains two of my favorite ingredients: mezal and prickly pear. Smoky, tart and sweet. Come to mama.

10. Su Taco – Last but not least, this new to the neighborhood, taco establishment has got your back. They are slinging a variety of margaritas here and even have pepper-infused tequila soaking behind the bar. So many options, only so much tolerance. Make sure you get some delicious snacks to pair with all the margs you will be indulging in.

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