Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!

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Did you know, today is random act of kindness day?  A day when we can put aside our own selfish agenda and do a little something for those around us.  Not only does it feel good to be the person receiving, but it really feels good to give back.  Random act of kindness day is about the little things we miss in the day-to-day. It’s about taking an extra five minutes to change someone’s day.  Do something kind that you would otherwise forget to do as you rush through your busy life.



Here are 8 ways you can spread a little kindness today:

  1. Give compliments. This seems too easy right?  But think about the last time you got a compliment, whether from a stranger or your beau.  It feels good and it makes you want to compliment them right back! These co-workers tried it out and what a success!
  1. Visit an old folk’s home… or even your own Grandparents! Yes, as you grow older your list of hobbies and interests may grow a bit dim, but man are those folks full of good stories!  Put aside 10 minutes just to call and let them know you care, or stop in at a local home and do some visiting, play cards, or paint someone’s nails. You may end up leaving there having learned a thing or two.
  1. Pack an old backpack or bag with snacks and blankets and give it to a homeless person. Living in Denver, you see people who are homeless every day. Pack an extra lunch for the day and give it to someone who is hungry. Gather all of those hotel shampoos (you save for no reason) and assemble a little “get clean” pack. Instead of giving your clothes to Goodwill, take them straight to the source of those who need it most. The Humane Kind Project here in Denver does just that, and goes a step further in taking time to have coffee with anyone on the streets that just needs someone to talk to.
  1. Buy someone’s groceries. This is something that I have seen during the holidays, but people need to eat the rest of the year too! The next time you see someone who looks like they might be struggling to afford to feed themselves or their family, just offer to pick up their tab as a random act of kindness.
  1. Clean the kitchen/break room at work. If your office is like mine, you may have one of those sloppy older dudes who thinks their mom is still doting behind them picking up after their messy ass. However, that imaginary mom is usually the office assistant who does not get paid enough as it is, especially when having to clean up after Slobby McSlobberson. Tell your office assistant how much you appreciate them daily, do your part in cleaning up after yourself, and do the unspeakable… deep clean that kitchen.
  1. Write your honey a love note. It is true that romance can fade and things can become a bit stale in the love nest.  No matter where you are in your relationship, there is never a bad time to write your little schnookums a love note.  Tell them how much they mean to you and let them know you do notice the little things they do. Not good with words?  Denver’s own Mountain Versus Plains seems to know just what you are trying to say (with a touch of humor of course).
  1. Ask someone eating alone to join you. A friend of mine used to do this anytime she saw someone dining alone.  That person may like the solitude and decline, so don’t be discouraged if this happens.  On the other hand, you could make a person’s day and even make a new lifelong friend! To this day that friend of mine still boasts about all the connections she has made throughout the years.  She was rewarded in the same way just for offering a bit of company.
  1. Give out hugs. This sounds like a cheese ball move, I know, but it works.  A woman I work with gives out hugs in place of handshakes, which seems unprofessional, but you would be surprised how respected and admired she is.  If you put your caring spirit and positive attitude inside a hug and pass that on, there is no greater act of kindness. You are sure to change someone’s day… so go OOOOOOOOO.kindness

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