Local Bags Bettering the World

Bags are an essential to our lives. They are the heart beat to any ensemble, storing prized possessions and easing our transitions throughout everyday life. A bag is more than just a bag. And for a select group of Colorado companies, that statement rings oh-so-true.

Meet three brands that go above simply supplying storage and adding outfit aesthetic. Also meet the ground breaking crew that’s changing the world, one bag at a time.


Báko Bags –  Haven’t heard of this ultra cool bag line? Báko, pronounced Bah-co, is an importing company based in Colorado that specializes in handmade bags, with a focus on items made by women and women’s co-ops from around the world.

Báko’s main mission focuses on women helping women by providing a market for selling high quality, unique, handmade bags. Behind each product is a story; or more importantly, behind each woman artisan is a story that Báko wants to share. Báko has developed partnerships with the communities that produce these beautiful bags. Through their Give Back Program, a portion of profits are used to reinvest into the lives of the artisans and the communities where the bags originate from.


OG Sack – Everyone’s favorite, Colorado-made, multi-purpose bag, OG Sack, has partnered up with Plantabillion.org to help in their effort to plant a billion trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests. Coastal development, urban expansion, agriculture, exotic plantations, ranching and illegal logging have all contributed to the degradation of this once vast landscape.

Saving this piece of our beautiful earth is important for a number of reasons. So, for every OG Sack (or OG hat or duffle) that is purchased, one tree will be planted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Real OGs give back to their planet.


Viva Creatures! – Created over the love of beautiful pieces and animals, this clean, minimalist design, high-end construction, vegan bag line was born. Viva Creatures! thrives through the support of customers who love looking gorgeous while valuing animals just as much. The company has grown to challenge the notion that leather is a benchmark of beauty. Saving animals and looking fabulous at the same time? It’s a trend anyone can get on board with.

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