Local Exploration: Scratching a Travel Itch

I once read an article published by USA Today Traveler where author Jessica Festa highlighted how one can and should capitalize on those allusive days of paid vacation. As we know, getting away is much easier said than done. As the piece blatantly states, in 2014 over 40% of us didn’t.

In my second full year (post grad school) of maintaining a “big girl” job I have quickly recognized the challenges in planning, packing up and jet setting to a new destination. Not only is there very little time, there’s little wiggle room in my life to frivolously travel. The”YOLO” lifestyle doesn’t fit anymore. Between building my career and bank account, it’s hard to find the ultimate balance of wanderlust and work.


So what are we do to? Lead a life without roving and play? Of course not. My solution is to stick on a band-aid,  semi-scratching the travel itch. How? I keep the explorations local.  If we’re friends, you know that I truly pride myself on staying in the Denver “loop”. If there is a great cocktail bar opening, I want to be the first to try it. If there’s an interesting gallery exhibit, I’ve seen the invite. And don’t get me started on the wilderness and city park systems we proudly call our backyard. Between foothills hiking, city biking and the other outdoor sports I have yet to pursue, I could probably spend the next five years compiling my weekends with staycations. These passions for our city and state really help to subdue my urge to roam.

Not sure where to get started on your nearby retreat? Challenge yourself and plan a road trip (aka – extend a long weekend and use those vacation days). Visit an exhibit or festival, even if you have to tackle it alone. Take a “flight”, hell take multiple “flights” around this city. Spend the afternoon deciding which dive bar  is your dive bar. Find your absolute favorite burger and don’t let anyone tell you that Cherry Cricket’s is better. Try a new activity, like fishing. Even if you are terrible at the sport, you can at least catch a buzz. The options are endless and you won’t have to pack a bag.


Your time is valuable and your setting begs to be explored. Happy trails, local travelers! And best of luck finding your new favorite gem.

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