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In celebration of National Thrift Store Day I wanted to show my excitement by sharing three things with you:

  1. My love for thrifting and how it has made my home an even more humble abode.
  2. What the best places are around Denver to buy used apparel and/or merchandise.
  3. What retailers are offering awesome deals in conjunction of this amazing day.

So first, I would like to just say I have been a long time thrifter… dating back to the Myspace days when skinny jeans were not yet in, 80’s heels were all the rage, and over sized cut-up t-shirts were a must-have. You couldn’t have anything too seventies, and you were considered cool if your sunglasses once belonged to someone sixty or older. Trust me, velour wasn’t just for jumpsuits, and everything was paired with pointy toed stilettos, a big belt, and a “mullety” scenester hairstyle.

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Thrift stores aren’t just for clothes though.  You can buy books, dvd’s, and random trinkets. As I migrated to college and different living spaces thereafter, I have found that my living room, kitchen, and even my wall decorations began to be compiled of at least 60% used items.  Today we have Pinterest which sparks the imagination and gives you even more inspiration upon spotting those old dressers, wood pallets, and chairs. Refurbishing things, shabby chic-ifying, and keeping a little extra dough in your pocket is why thrifting takes the cake, and it lends to a unique style that only you will have.

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There are a few places that are near and dear to my heart.  Is it because of the nostalgia or the all-around amazing finds I seem to lay my hands on?  Regardless, here are a few of the best thrift stores (specifically these locations) you can find around town:

  • Savers – 400 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120
  • ARC Thrift Store – 560 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80246
  • Goodwill – 2553 S Colorado Blvd #106, Denver, CO 80222
  • Regal Vintage – 1866 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
  • Buffalo Exchange – 51 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Lastly, if you really want to party in style on this epic date (aka, take advantage of huge savings!)  there are several deals going on.  Click here to find the biggest bangs for your buck. And as always, we LOVE to see your cool finds… Make sure to share your photos by tagging @DenverSheWrote!

Now get out there, listen to the Macklemore Anthem and start digging!

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