Where and How to Fulfill the Munchies in Denver

If you live in Denver, tomorrow’s holiday probably has some effect on you. Whether you are taking the day off to fully absorb the festivities or your commute will now include avoiding the city, 420 certainly does make a statement. Here is a round up of our foodie favorites with happenings in conjunction to the iconic date.


As if I needed another reason to already be craving Rosenberg’s… This menu is not only inventive, it’s the ideal line up for any hungry and easily impressionable stomach. The crew teamed up with another Denver eatery I have written about in the past, Glazed and Confuzed. The name, and donuts, both so perfect for a 420 celebration. (Psst… they’ve created a sesame bagel doughnut!) Here is another little sneak peak at Rosenberg’s temporary menu… two words… pizza bagels!

Something a little more my speed and also, a new Denver favorite, Crazy Mountain Brewery. The beer hounds will be releasing their newest Local’s Stash brew. The Denver release party will take place at Crazy Mountain Tap Room + BBQ Wednesday, April 20th. Fittingly, you can enjoy an ice-cold pint of Hippies Hemp Brown Ale ALL DAY for $4.20. This Local’s release will only be available for a limited time, so get there fast and try it first!(And don’t forget to check out a Denver She Wrote original on their opening event!)

Would this even be a real post without mentioning Cheba Hut? This date may just be the best excuse to go grab one of the state-wide famous subs. Tomorrow you can get a nug, chips, and a drink for $4.20 at all the Huts. Because, why not?

And finally, delivery. If you get in a bind and are absolutely craving a dish from one of your favorite spots, just use Favor. This app is not only easy to use, they literally have thousands of menus to browse. The best part? You can connect with your runner the entire time, reminding them to grab a side of ranch just in case you forgot.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, have some fun, be safe, and as always, eat good food.

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