Why Being Single in Denver Is Not So Bad.


Are you at the fun age of feeling completely left out of your girl squad because all of your besties are getting married?  Are you struggling just to get yourself into a bra and out the door for another repetitive date with some guy (you probably should have swiped left on) that is soooo not worth missing the Bachelorette?  Well ladies, I am here to tell you not to panic because you are not alone. Once you get past your momentary self pity sesh, you will begin to realize there are actually a lot of positives to being in your shoes.  You should recognize these and stop wasting time feeling sad about not having someone.  We all know it will eventually happen for you, but in the mean time…

Enjoy living alone. I really starting thinking about this when a friend of mine came over and told me how envious she was I had my own place.  She went on about how she has never lived alone, and would love to just have a get away sometime where it is quiet and you can relax in your own space on your own time. Sure it may be lonely at times, but you don’t have to wake up because someone else is making noise, you can cook as often or as seldom as you want,  you don’t have to get dressed until you feel like it, and you are the only one on your lease deciding whether you stay or go.  It is rather refreshing not to have a single worry aside from yourself. This is something everyone should experience for at least a short period in their life.

Your weekends are your own. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to check in with someone on what commitments you already made, or what they feel like doing or not doing.  Spontaneity is your best friend! Go camping at the last minute; drink too much at happy hour and have a netflix binge the next day; invite people over and have a dinner party; take yourself to a fancy dinner. City Park is busy with 5k’s and bikers, and Wash Park is infested with people playing volleyball.  You get to make all of your own plans, nothing is dependent on someone else, and the opportunities to do things in this beautiful state are endless.  Plus, you never know who you might meet at all these places!


Colorado has a lot of single dudes. Not only is the population in this state growing (le sigh), so is the man meat. People love Colorado because it is full of adventurous activities to take part in.  Nothing is more attractive than a man who loves to rock climb, catch a Rockies game, mountain bike, fish, camp, ski, snowshoe, dirt bike, drink craft brews on a patio, etc.  An article posted by TANVI MISRA at CityLab stated, there are “101 employed, single men for every 100 single women” here in Denver.  They also said “a little less than 60 percent of the adult population is single”  The odds are looking good to me ladies, so do not give another minute of your time to worry.

You are more technologically advanced. You have experience with all the latest dating apps.  Some of your friends may never even have the opportunity to use one of these because their relationship is so ancient it dates back to the early 2000’s when dating apps weren’t a thing.  These folks actually had to venture out and join some kind of social club to meet people (<that is what my mom thinks) or they got too drunk at parties, made out with some guy, and then they miraculously start dating (<reality). Now a days, we get the luxury of judging guys in less than 30 seconds with a single swipe, bra-less, with no makeup on in the comfort of our own living rooms. We will get to look back and laugh about all of the creeps with mirrored selfies and awful “catfish” type dates that look nothing like their picture. We will have stories that some folks will never get to tell.

You will get to know YOU.  This is one of the most important check marks on everyone’s life journey.  There are so many people who get married at a young age that never stayed single for long, they didn’t have time to themselves, or they leapt from one relationship to another.  Some of these people end up divorced saying they never got to know who they really were as a person before adding another person to the mix.  Instead of dreading the single life, enjoy going on dates. You will find out exactly what you are looking for and what you are are trying to avoid.  You will be forced to figure out what your hobbies are, and if you don’t have many, you will be encouraged to start figuring out what you would like them to be. If you are sure of who you are and what you like, you will radiate confidence. When you are truly confident in yourself, that is when you will find someone.

Overall, being single is not the end of the world.  You have to have fun while you’re young, enjoy time alone, and be grateful you still get to go out and play without having an ol’ ball-and-chain. When you go to your friends weddings you can invite whoever you want.  If they want to go home early, you can stay!  You have no obligations. Once you are married you are with that person for the rest of your life, so don’t rush it. Things will fall into place when they are meant to!  Until then…YOLO.


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  1. Julia says:

    Loved this piece! I’m wondering, has anything changed since all of the population growth in the last year? Is Denver a place you can find a wealth of more traditional, masculine guys (read: non-hipsters)? Is the male-female I’m asking because I’m a single woman in my 30s making the move to Denver.

    1. Kimberly Irwin says:

      There are plenty of outdoorsy masculine men here! I have mixed feelings about the dating scene and whether some of those guys are ready to settle down or just came here to goof off and play in the mountains. It is of course different for everyone. But a great place for young professionals to meet new people and explore/ get out within their city.

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