Staycation: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa

For those who love a mountain adventure, this spot is calling your name. You will feel the magic of the Rocky Mountains and the enchantment that Beaver Creek as you make your way up the windy road to the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa. It will most likely be a beautiful sunny day (because that is typical here in Colorado) and all of the international flags lining the roads will wave to welcome you and say hello. Once you pull up to the front of the hotel, a friendly valet attendant will greet you with a smile.

Thus, the start of my wonderful visit to this paradise in the mountains.

The entrance of the lobby was bustling when I arrived. It was peak season in the beginning of February and the hotel was alive with skiers from the day. I watched as people the size of ants zipped down the ski slope and became life-size as they got closer. The base of the run wound right to the bottom of the hotel and you could see the beauty of the entire mountain, from the windows of the grand entrance. The bar and fire-lit lobby was like the premiere to a movie, but a large viewing room where you could sit back and watch all the skiing action all IRL.

My room was one level up and to the right. Easy access to the elevators and right next to a wonderful second-level sitting area that overlooked the lobby/bar. This little observation deck also gave you incredible views of the ski slopes. Plus, you could watch the live entertainment from above and relax while not necessarily being in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. During the day, you might find a few guests reading here, or enjoying a coffee or a cocktail. This hotel is not lacking in areas to lounge, gather and relax.

My room was slope-facing and had views that matched that of the lobby. This would prove very special at night as my room lit up with the glow of snowcats grooming the mountain. I watched them for hours one night as if they were a quiet humming snow ballet. So synchronized and precise as they made new grooves in the fresh snow. (You can see these snowcats put to music on my Instagram feed @denvershewrote)

The king bed was soft and cozy, and the room was complete with a sitting area (sofa and coffee table) and a couch. There were two coffee makers in the room, a Keurig and a Nespresso. I put great use to the latter and thoroughly enjoyed mini espressos from my room throughout the stay.

There was a big closet, complete with a robe, slippers, and a place to put my bag. The bathroom had luxurious mountain resort vibes. Lots of wood accents with white granite countertops. Complete with a toothbrush, and several fancy toiletries that were an extra perk in case you left some of your belongings at home. It also had a nice-sized bathtub which held me in a blanket of bubbles quite nicely each night before I went to bed.

It was the perfect backdrop for me to work remotely by day and relax and rest at night. I did not ski this trip. Though there couldn’t have been an easier or more accessible place to do so. The base of the main run was right outside the Park Hyatt doors. You hardly had to walk anywhere to hop in the lift that would take you to the top. I watched the busy snow bunnies buzz in and out of the gondola as I worked throughout the day.

Instead, of skiing, I indulged at the spa. This spa was so magnificent, I couldn’t possibly describe how incredible it is in just one paragraph. I will need to dedicate another blog post just to cover its extravagance. I will say it was the best spa I have been to in Colorado thus far, and this girl LOVES a spa. It far exceeded my expectations, and I will be going back again soon. It is perfect (and necessary) to include in a mountain getaway if you are looking for ample relaxation.

Exhale Spa is two stories and holds several treatments rooms for a myriad of services including massage and facials. Waterfalls line the walls along and give a trickling sound to harmonize with the soft background music. To make each spa experience one for the books, you will get access to Aqua Sanitas, which is the relaxation area you can spend time in before or after each service. It includes a steam room, heated lounge area, cold shower, and multiple soaking tubs. I could spend the entire trip just in Aqua Sanitas. Who needs a room?! I’ll be at the spa!

When you aren’t being pampered and relaxing or skiing the day away. There are ample activities and restaurants. Right outside the hotel is the center of Beaver Creek. Everything is built overlooking a beautiful ice-skating rink that gets lit up at night. There are several shops and other hotels surrounding it, as well as restaurants galore. There will never be a dull moment when visiting Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.

One of those restaurants is 801 Mountainside where the Chef Koradi is leading a team of culinary masterminds. His seasonal menu is an extension of the hotel’s luxury and any meal enjoyed at this restaurant is sure to be exquisite.

For dinner the first night, I ordered in a variety of menu offerings. The miso white bean hummus surrounded by a rainbow crudité was gorgeous. It could have fed a whole family. For an entrée, I got the 8 oz. Local Colorado Beef Burger, topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and two thick strips of perfectly crispy bacon, and a side of fries. I also tried a side of their Roasted Po For dessert I had their version of bread pudding, which was sweet and delicious and served with berries and two scoops of caramel ice cream. Yum!

For the second night, I dined in. Chef has prepared some off-menu items for me to try and a preview for the Spring/Summer menu. I started with Pan-seared Scallop, with tricolor orzo, crispy parsnips, and pesto oil. This was amazing and hard to beat, yet the next dish was just as delicious. A Grilled Colorado lamb chop, grilled baby carrots, king trumpet mushrooms drizzled with a bright chimichurri sauce. To round out the evening with something sweet, I finished with a Chocolate kiss that rested on top of lemon curd, crispy meringues, and dusted with chili-salted pecan nuts. I passed out and someone had to throw me over their shoulder and carry me back to my room. Just kidding. I just smiled and enjoyed each bite and wish I could have this amazing food every night of the week.

The food was definitely a highlight, and on my last morning before heading out I indulged in a brunch buffet. What would a hotel be without a bangin’ brunch? Once again, Parky Hyatt wins the gold medal for this one too. You can be a simpleton and order and normal breakfast. They have a full menu of brunch options. But it is almost the same price to just get the brunch buffet, and it ensures you won’t have FOMO as people sit down at the table next to you with an assortment of pastries from the pastry tower. Yes, I said pastry tower! Plus, there is a fruit bar, bagel bar, egg, biscuits and gravy, several different kinds of potatoes and breakfast meats, a make your own omelet station, and breakfast treats like French toast, pancakes, and stuffed crepes. You don’t want to miss this brunch, my friends.

Altogether, my trip was an incredible one. I can’t think of one complaint. Each day was packed full of adventure options and there was never a dull moment. I enjoyed live music in the lobby, a day at the spa, drinks and dining, shopping, and mountain bliss. Whether you need some adventure and time with the fresh air at elevation or you want to get cozy while working remote or rest and relax, this is the place for you. Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa truly has something for everyone to enjoy, and even if you have different goals, you can all meet at the breakfast buffet!

Cheers to a beautiful trip for you and yours and maybe I will catch you there this summer! 😉