Heyday Opens New Lowry Location!

If you’re as obsessed with skincare as I am, Heyday is the newest Colorado skincare spot you MUST check out. Their first location popped up on Tennyson street a few months back and I brought you along for the ride. The brand new Lowry locations opens this Thursday, May 4 and they are offering $79 facials!

Heyday is a fast-growing skincare company known for its quick, easy, and affordable services. Heyday prides itself on how they use data on customers’ skin type and facial features to helps clients keep track of their skincare regimen between appointments. With that information, Heyday offers customized recommendations for ways to improve skin treatments, for a truly individualized experience. There is currently no other skincare brand catering to customers the way that Heyday is – until now.

They are redefining the future of the skincare industry by sharing not just the what, but the why behind the importance of a curated skincare regime, equipping clients with the knowledge to effectively care for their skin. 

That means, every time you stop in, they will not only talk to you about what is going on with your skin beforehand, but they will walk you and talk you through each step during the facial so you are the one making the most important decisions about that beautiful face of yours, while also learning steps you can take at home.

Of course there is relaxing, warm fuzzies and feel good facial massage. But the quickness and convenience that Heyday offers,  makes this self-care routine and easy one to pop in and out of!

Thursday – May 4, 2023 – Heyday will be opening its second location in the Lowry neighborhood. I am going to be popping in to check out the new digs and getting a signature 50 – minute facial. Here is a snapshot of what that looks like!  

Our 50-Minute Facial:

Every facial is completely customized to your skin type, goals, and concerns. With each visit to Heyday,

you’ll experience a facial unlike your last, as your skin changes and progresses. Your 50-minute facial

could include any combination of the following:

– Deep Cleansing

– Custom Exfoliation

– Facial Massage; Sometimes with Meditative Massage Tools like

– Rose Quartz Mushrooms

– Cooling Ice Globes

– Extractions

– High Frequency

– Blue LED Light Therapy

– Treatment Masks

– Ultrasonic Ingredient Penetration

– Eye/Lip Care

– Personalized skin routine tips/guidance

You can also add enhancements in like:

– Peels

– Microcurrent

– Microdermabrasion

– LED light therapy

– Gua Sha

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Check out this link to book your first facial for only $79 and learn more about the new #heydaylowry location: