How to Create a Stunning Collage Wall

Because they are my favorite… a post is more than needed. Anyone who has visited my home (or the previous three) will know that this is a staple to my design taste. I am sucker for anything eclectic and beautiful in any form. When I love something I clump it together among other pretty and interesting things. You will see this on my shelves, on my nightstands and most certainly on my walls.

Today I showcase the art of compiling a collage wall and how to make it easily obtainable in any space. Here we go….


1.) Choose a handful or more of your favorite finds. Mirrors, photos, canvas art, antlers, keys, sculptures… you love it, you can hang it. My pieces just so happen to be black and white finds. They were also pup approved!


2.) Pick a wall. This step is easier said than done. The space you feature a collage needs to serve a purpose and have plenty of room. And if you are feeling collage-crazy (I’ve been there) do not put two collages on the same wall, especially if your area is condensed. Roughly measure out the dedicated space for your display by height and width.

3.) Next, lay all of the finds within an appropriate size for what you previously measured. Play with each treasure, admire them, discover which pieces fit well next to one another. This is your puzzle. Once you feel your story is complete, step away and take a photo of the arrangement. Take another step away and see what you think. Still loving it? Check the photo. Love that too? You’re golden. This process can take time. Trial and error, my friends.


4.) Finally, it is time to hang. Find the center most point of your puzzle. For me, it was the big map of Paris. By centering this in the middle of my reserved area, I was able to easily place my other works of art around that focal point, while continually looking back at the photo I had previously taken.


I love the finished product, enjoy it daily and truly believe it is the best part of my living space. Plus, it is an easy way to highlight a cluster of favorites in a small space!


Please note, finding your stud or using molly screws will be very important added step, especially if you are hanging a mirror or sculpture.