Staycation: The Golden Hotel

Golden, Colorado… a treasure trove when it comes to fun day trips. There is so much to do here and it is just minutes outside of the city. It is often overlooked as it is on the way to more sought-after places, but I encourage you to take a hard right as you approach the uphill climb of i-70 and make a detour to visit this sweet little city at the base of the mountains.

Golden has been my ideal spot for girls’ trips. Really it is fun for the whole family. If you are into the outdoors there are hiking trails, tubing, fishing, walking paths, farmers markets, you name it! There are also a ton of places that are good for family trips. Dinosaur Ridge, museums, and art walks.

We stuck with the girl’s trip. The last adventure we took up here included cold beers, live music, lots of shopping, and of course, dining at some of the most delicious restaurants in town.

We arrived around noon and stopped for lunch at the Buffalo Rose. This dining spot is super open, sporting plenty of seating and at least half of it is outside. Their bar in the middle of the restaurant is beaming with beautiful tiered drinks. They are sure to be able to give you a pour of whatever your heart desires. Needless to say, there is sometimes a wait as this place is pretty popular.

Walking in, you feel like you have just arrived in Nashville. The place is open and airy and has a wraparound patio that is perfect for lunch and a cold beer in the sunshine. We were lucky enough to arrive on a Saturday afternoon and catch a live DJ playing some of our favorite classic rock jams. There are few things more satisfying than Tom Petty on a hot, sunshine-filled patio with a cold draft.

Thus, we decided to munch on some apps and enjoy the weather. Our top picks were chorizo jalapenos, buffalo wings, and green chili artichoke dip. (I love a little Colorado green chili flare).

Afterward, we did some damage on Main St. by doing a little shopping. Golden signs advertise “The Golden Rule” which asks everyone to be respectful in wearing masks around town. Everyone is pretty good about this, which puts you at ease as you make your way around town. There are lots of cute clothing boutiques and gift shops. Peppered in, are bars and ice cream shops to make sure you never go hungry!

Once our shopping habits were satisfied, we made our way down to the bottom of Main St and checked into The Golden Hotel. This beautiful property rests riverside and is centrally located to many fun attractions around Golden. The hotel is located close to Coors Brewery, The Golden History Center, and clear creek history park. Not to mention, it is right next to a lovely walking path that will take you up and down Clear Creek!

Our room was big a beautiful. Everything was immaculate when it came to cleanliness. While traveling, we make sure to bring our own disinfectant to be extra cautious, however, this property felt like they went above and beyond.

There were stickers on the floor around the hotel to indicate where to social distance. There were hand sanitizer stations throughout. Everyone was wearing a mask and wiping things down constantly. It was lovely to be able to get away for a staycation and be able to put your mind at ease.

The hotel has covered parking and pet-friendly rooms. The staff is the most welcoming group of people you will ever meet. I felt like I was staying at a home away from home. One of the best parts about the location is the beautiful covered patio that overlooks the river. This is home to the Hotel’s restaurant – Bridgewater Grill. We stopped in and started with some sips until our table was ready. I highly recommend sitting on the patio. The ambiance is so relaxing and it is truly a beautiful Colorado spot. There is nothing like hearing the water rushing by accompanied by the birds chirping while enjoying the company of good friends or family.

We ate to our heart’s content here. There were very few things on the menu that didn’t intrigue us. We narrowed it down to one app and two main dishes. The crispy brussel sprouts with pork belly that we saw making its way to almost every other table, was too attractive to pass up. It was equally delicious.

Next, we ordered some wine and two of the most delicious entrees that were recommended by our waitress. The first was smoked gouda mac and cheese with bison short ribs. This was not only delicious but the presentation of this dish even wowed us. How can one make macaroni look so damn good? Cheers to the chef.

Second, was the bacon-wrapped Colorado bison meatloaf. This was served with garlic mash, veggies, and topped with a tomato bacon jam demi-glaze. So tasty. Word of advice– when you are at a nice restaurant and multiple people recommend the meatloaf, you KNOW it has to be good. Because who would dare put a thing like a meatloaf on the menu if it wasn’t phenomenal. Again – cheers to the chef.

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any better. We ordered more wine and some beignets. The staff turned on the heaters around us and offered coffee, and we were the most content human beings that ever lived on this planet.

It was easy to mosey upstairs and fall into a delightful sleep after such a splendid evening. Plus, it was such a short distance to go after overindulging, which made it nice. This hotel is truly enchanting. There was a wedding taking place on the grounds during our visit and it inspired me with thoughts of my own wedding one day in the future. What a fun place to celebrate! If you need a venue I would totally recommend it.

While we packed our day full of delight, there was so much more fun to be had. Stay tuned for part two of our staycation in Golden…