Exhale Spa | Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

As you may know, I recently did a staycation at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek. This visit was exceptional, and my favorite part about the hotel? The Spa, of course!

Exhale Spa is a two-story dreamland, focusing on overall wellbeing. It is the perfect blend of fitness and spa. As a guest, you can enjoy the gym anytime. It is complete with state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious locker rooms and access to the outdoor pool and jacuzzis. They also offer a variety of fitness classes like Barre, cardio, yoga and cycle. This is great for guests but also draws in a local crowd. Did I mention they have a couple Pelotons? Memberships are offered for those who want to continue their fitness journey here.

I leaned into the spa side of things. A long list of services are offered here from facials, scrubs and massages, to hair and nails. They even do acupuncture. Take advantage and make a day of it. When you book an appointment, you get access to Sanitas which is what makes this spa next level.

Spend an hour, before or after your service, enjoying the relaxing water features, tubs and steam rooms. There is both a men’s and women’s side for privacy, as well as a shared tub in the middle, with beautiful waterfalls that provide a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The shared tub is a little cooler in temp and when you close your eyes it has you imagining you are in a tropical rainforest or next to a beautiful waterfall somewhere.

When you go into the more private side you will see another soaking tub. This one is a little bit warmer and the atmosphere a little quieter. Soak and relax in here before you head to the steam room.

This steam room is like no other. It is huge and has seating in a big circle around the room. It is very dark like a cave so you can’t see much, especially past the steam. When you settle in and look up you will see tiny little lights imitating colorful stars. Relaxing here is easy.

If you enjoy the hot and cold-water therapy, lease the steam room or the soaking tub and hit the ice-cold shower. It is right next to the steam room and has a waterfall shower head. Blast this for a cold shock and alternate between this and the steam room. This hot and cold-water therapy has been said to have amazing effects on the body. It is said it can speed up the healing process, help increase blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease pain and help avoid lactic acid buildup after a workout. It is also great for your lymphatic system.

When you are ready to dry off and want to read a magazine or take a nap, head to the back where there are hot stone lounge chairs. These heated chairs are in a reclined position so you can lay down. The hot surface underneath your robe makes you feel like you are in a warm hug.

This place is magical and is perfect for a relaxing day to yourself. I am a spa girl, and this is my favorite spa of all time. I will be returning very soon for another treatment and a day to myself. I cannot recommend this beautiful piece of heaven enough.