Staycation: The Brown Palace

The Brown Palace is an amazing Historic Colorado landmark and a magical place to be. I first visited “The Brown” when I was a little girl, attending tea each year as my birthday and Christmas approached. Attending tea as a little girl makes you feel like royalty, and since then I have always looked at the hotel in awe anytime I visit. From the moment you approach the front doors you are taken back in time. The bellboy attire, the grandiose entrance, the intricate details of all the woodwork throughout each railing and banister, and the piano music echoing throughout the corridors. It is truly enchanting.

I have been to The Brown Palace for dinner as an adult but hadn’t been back for tea or for an overnight stay since I was young. I was so excited for the opportunity to explore the property and get the full experience during my most recent stay.

The staff here goes above and beyond to make you feel special which is something that stood out to me from the moment I arrived. I had a reservation for tea and arrived to check in around the same time. The bellboy was quick to take my bags up to my room so I could go straight to the lobby to enjoy tea and snacks.

The entrance is so grand with ceilings sky high. There is live music being played on the piano and the lobby is busy with guests as the tea here is very popular and fills up fast, thus, you have to make your reservations ahead of time! Each table is served a generous helping of Devonshire cream and lemon curd. Both are equally delicious in their own ways and should be piled high onto each bite of scone or biscuit that you take.

There are several tea options and everything is smooth and delicious. You can read all about the teas on the menu and are even able to take them home if you wish to enjoy them in your own kettle. You can also upgrade your tea to include champagne which I highly suggest because the afternoon is always better with a buzz.

My favorite part of tea is the snacks and you get a tiered snack ensemble, complete with scones, mini tea sandwiches, and delectable desserts. All are made in-house, and all are divine. If you want to continue listening to live music, they also offer small plates and drinks during happy hour after tea.

We continued our night at the Palace Arms. This restaurant is filled with history. It is decorated beautifully with flags, photos, and guns (some thought to be owned by Napoleon). The furniture is plush and velvety and every nook and cranny of the place is lined with intricate details from the wallpaper to the carpets. This room will certainly give you something to look at.

The lighting is dark and sets a perfect mood for a romantic or intimate dinner with friends. The food is presented in the same romantic way. All being served with care and plated beautifully.

We of course had drinks to start us off. Like everything else the hotel does, The Palace Arms goes above and beyond to make you feel special and cater to the full experience of its patrons. We ordered an old fashioned and the whiskey was served separately to keep it cold and to avoid melting down the large ice cube in the glass…. But if anything for presentation. Everything is done with such detail here.

The food is just as amazing. The Chef has done wonders in redoing the menu at the Palace Arms. It is full of flavor and not overwhelming. Everything sounds delicious from the moment you read it to the moment it hits your taste buds. Their steaks are what stood out to us. The center-cut ribeye may easily be one of the best steaks I have ever had. The meat is priced by the oz but you get the very best of what you pay for. They ensure this by trimming all of the fat off of the steak before weighing it. So, every ounce you eat is a perfectly cooked and tasty piece of meat. It was truly buttery and delicious every bite. This steak will melt in your mouth.

We of course had to accompany our steaks with sides. One of us got the Chilean Sea Bass which came with a crab cake. We of course ordered an extra as crab cakes are someone thing everyone can enjoy. We also ordered the Griffin Potatoes, Spring Mixed Vegetables, and the Mystic Mountain Mushrooms.  

I was so excited to tell you about dinner and the amazing steak that I skipped right over appetizers, which is something you should not skip if you come here! We loved the Caviared Eggs which were deviled eggs with sour cream, topped with caviar, and served over the tastiest shallot bacon jam. We also enjoyed the Red Rosette Lettuce and Pear Salad and the Surf and Turf Carpaccio. Both were great, but the eggs were our favorite.

After dinner, I retired to my room which was located on the 9th floor. This particular room had been updated so everything was still grand but with a newer look and feel. I loved this because I got the historic vibe of the hotel while also feeling comfortable and chic in the newly updated room. I would like to come back and stay in a more historic-looking room in the future, just to get the full Brown Palace experience.

My King suite was complete with a coffee bar, a table to enjoy drinks at, and a plush King bed. There is a closet big enough to be my walk-in closet at home and the bathroom is perfection in any lady’s eyes and leaves nothing to be desired. A walk-in shower, a large soaking tub, dual sinks, and a nice vanity left me feeling right at home.

Though I was down the hall from a room that is said to be haunted, I actually slept like a princess. I never felt uneasy or like I was staying somewhere haunted so if that is something that would deter you from staying here, have no fear. As for those hunting for ghosts, you do your thing and I am sure the hotel employees might have stories to tell.

Overall, my stay at The Brown Palace was more than I could have expected. The service, above all else, is outstanding. Everyone makes you feel special right when you walk through the doors. I felt at ease from the moment I arrived at the moment I checked out. I highly recommend making The Brown Hotel part of your itinerary and booking it as a place to rest your head when you visit Denver. For those who live here that have not experienced all this local jaunt has to offer, I say, go now! It is perfect for a special staycation.