Staycation: The Maven Hotel

There is nothing like being in the midst of it all in Downtown Denver, and The Maven Hotel will get you on the map. Located on Denver’s Dairy Block, a block from Coors Field & McGregor Square, a couple of blocks from Union Station, and hovering right above the well-known Milk Market, The Maven Hotel is all about location.

You can find parking for the hotel on 19th St. between Wazee and Blake. Zip on down the ramp, park, head up the elevator and you will arrive in the lobby right between hotel check-in and The Milk Market food hall. Hang right and one of the friendly staff members will be there to greet you.

You might notice the cute cocktail bar, Poka Lola to the right of check-in. This is definitely worth checking out. Hand-crafted cocktails, tasty bites and sometimes you may even catch live music. Located right along the Dairy Block alleyway, so you can stay tuned to all the buzz outside while feeling relaxed by the retro bar. This place is beautiful and puts you at ease.

If you want a cocktail right away, happy hour is served from the bus sitting outside of Kachina Cantina. You may even get a token or two for a free drink upon check-in. Grab a cold one and head up the elevators right behind the bus to make your way to your room.

The location is truly one of the best parts about staying at The Maven. It is directly across from Coors Field so you are able to pop in for a game and have a short walk back but you can still escape all of the hustle and bustle. The rooms are located directly above the Denver Milk Market which not only has something for everyone when it comes to the multiple food vendors inside, but they tend to have events, live music, and daily specials. This place is always buzzing and welcoming to all, early morning or late night you will find something for your liking.

If you take a stroll down the alleyway, you will find all sorts of shopping from boutiques to local artisan shops, there is plenty to spend your money on. Need a rest in between all the shopping? Duck into Blanchard Winery for a nice flight of vino. Another fun cocktail lounge is Run for the Roses, which is a speakeasy located right under the oh-so-delicious Bruto (never pass up some sourdough here). Run for the roses is a speakeasy but sometimes will transform into a temporary themed bar, which never disappoints.

I was lucky enough to be a guest in a King Suite with a huge tub. When I say huge I mean it was wide enough for two. Alas, it was just myself on a staycation, so I enjoyed soaking my limbs in a big circular bubble bath, with a glass of wine and the company of Billy Holliday playing through my phone speakers. Talk about a delight! This place is perfect for a lone getaway where all you want is to shop, drink, eat and relax or for living it up with your friends!

The bed was super comfy and there were many down pillows that just make you feel at peace. The hotel was quiet, and although it is located in the midst of it all, I didn’t hear anything all night. I slept like a kid right AFTER Christmas, as content as could be.

I couldn’t say one bad thing about my stay at The Maven. It was an absolute delight and I look forwards to going back. I would highly suggest it if you are entertaining friends or family in town and they need a fun place to be during their visit. It gives them a little taste of everything and makes sure they can do their shopping and are properly fed when you can’t entertain.

I ended my stay with an early morning visit to my favorite coffee spot, Huckleberry Roasters, where I grabbed a latte and the best avocado toast of my life. I then enjoyed it via my bed and relaxed before I started my day. Thank you, Maven!

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  1. Amazing post! I definitely want to plan a staycation here. No kids, just mama and all the Maven hotel has to offer! I love the unique look the rooms have and the area.

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